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Welcome to FutureThink

Improving thinking and taking appropriate action is one of the quickest ways to improve team, individual and organisational business performance.

As a business therapist and certified Senior Action Learning coach with over 20 years' experience in Action Learning coaching of teams and business projects, my focus is to assist business leaders and their teams improve their business performance.

To improve business performance, I use my Thinking Action System framework, which is an ideal coaching tool for the following:

  • Action Learning Team coaching
  • Executive and management coaching and mentoring
  • Business strategy coaching

There are numerous change drivers present today which are causing disruptive change to the world in which we live. Our new world requires new thinking, new attitudes and new behaviours and actions on the part of people, leaders and managers.

The problem with most workplaces is not the lack of developmental opportunities, but that no one is learning anything from them.


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