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If you're not improving your business performance, then maybe you need to change your coach.

Dr Billy Coop is a business therapist and certified Senior Action Learning coach through the World Institute for Action Learning (WIAL) and has coached teams and mentored leaders both locally and internationally.

If you are not getting the bottom-line results from your teams and your projects, then make contact to find out how Billy can assist you in improving your business performance.


Dr. Bea Carson - President, World Institute for Action Learning ( )

Billy's skills as a coach are exemplified when he mentors others to be coaches. His feedback as to how a coach has handled a situation well or how it could be better is always spot on. His ability to unobtrusively but expertly lead a team to discovering the real problem and ultimately break through solutions is a joy to observe. He has a keen sense of when an intervention is called for – thus consistently bring teams to higher levels of performance, while insuring their leadership skills are developed.

Colleen Backstrom. Director Neuromarketing for Digital – Kaleidoscope

Billy's approach is different. He has the ability to put his finger on the real things, the real frustrations relating to one's business issues and so often these are the human element. He recognises the loneliness of the business leader, and is not only totally supportive, but also practical in his advice. He is practical in a kind but strict way – he seeks to get the results that you want. What I appreciate most is that his interventions are tangible – I always come away from a meeting with a plan. And he holds one accountable for that plan, as he will follow up with you in the next session. Of course, the true measurement of Billy's coaching for me is the ROI that I have achieved. After all, it's all about the bottom line. This has been achieved in an atmosphere of empathy and caring – one could not wish for a better coach.

Wendy Masters. The Phoenix Partnership

I feel enormously privileged to be working with a business coach that provides the unique blend of strategic insight and real life marketing experience the Dr Billy Coop provides. Billy's balanced leadership perspective, candid feedback and thoughtful accountability keeps me focused on doing thw work that makes a meaningful impact on my business as I refresh its strategic direction and navigate economic cycles.

Trevor Pothecary. Former CEO, Indy Oil

Billy's focus was on providing the framework for our people to implement our strategy, which worked extremely well as it allowed Indy Oil to measure and monitor our performance and we found this to be of huge benefit to our business. Billy's interactive coaching style was very good for our business and for our brand. Not only did he assist with the design of our marketing strategy, but he became a very important player in the development of our culture as a business. He always challenged our thinking and our motives, making us think deeper and rationally. He brought a wealth of knowledge to our business and gave us confidence to push the boundaries at all levels.

Seymour Abrahams. Former joint CEO, Orley Foods (Pty) Ltd

I was first introduced to Billy in my capacity as joint CEO of Orley Foods (Pty) Ltd, some 14 years ago. Orley Foods, a family business, was undergoing rapid sales growth at that time with all the resultant negative growing pains. Billy was employed on a coaching consultative basis, and together with management, middle management, and the sales team, assisted us in developing a marketing plan for Orley Foods. Not by doing the work for us, but by coaching each one of us to understand and analyse our business, our markets and our customers etc., thus enabling us to decide and focus on what it was we did best, and what it was we should focus on. The result was that the bottom line improved substantially and with the incentives put in place all shared in the success of the company.

Without Billy's soft, but firm style and approach, his deep insights and ability to work with our team and get them to "buy in", and his desire to stay with the latest trends, was invaluable to Orley Foods. I do not believe we would have achieved what we did without Billy as part of our team.

Dr Herman J. van Niekerk. Associate Dean: Business Doctoral Programs. University of Phoenix.

I have known Dr Billy Coop in a professional capacity for the past 15 years. Billy is an accredited Senior Action Learning coach for the World Institute of Action Learning (WIAL) and has an advanced understanding of how action learning must be implemented in learning, leadership, and coaching environments. His work is of an outstanding calibre, and he has contributed significantly to the academic development of Action Learning both in South Africa and abroad. He is rated highly by peers in the field and is one of the leading action learning practitioners in South Africa.

Dr Diane Bell. Director: Academic Affairs. University of Stellenbosch Business School, Executive Development

Billy, through his accreditation with the World Institute for Action Learning (WIAL), and his reputation in the business sector, is highly regarded as an expert in his field, especially in South Africa. I have interacted with him in his capacity as Action Learning coach when he participated in our strategic planning session and ran capacity-developing workshops in the area of Action Learning for our USB-ED Learning Process Facilitators. What I appreciate most about Billy, in addition to his expertise, is the way he interacts with people, in a highly respectful and authentic way; guiding not telling and really asking pertinent questions which leads one to reflect deeply. He is a team player and will do his utmost to achieve the agreed upon objectives, but is not afraid to give "not so positive" feedback when required.

Alison Foote. Manager Leadership Development Centre. Wits Business School

Wits Business School contracted Dr Coop to upskill the coaches it uses on Action Learning projects and he provided the training material and facilitation. We would be happy to use Dr Coop again as his facilitation was excellent and our coaches all benefitted from his programme.

Randal Godden. Chair Vistage International, South Africa.

I have known Billy for a number of years and am familiar with his skill as a business coach. Billy's technique is excellent, listening attentively to those being coached and providing excellent counsel, providing empathic advice and Action Learning coaching with clear action plans and time-oriented measurable outcomes. His broad experience in business, in higher education, plus individual and team coaching experience in various walks of life, provides a wealth of knowledge when coaching both individuals and teams.