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FutureThink provides a range of services as follows:

1. Coaching

The Thinking Action System

The Thinking Action System is our own uniquely developed coaching framework which uses the underlying principles of Action Learning to assist leaders, managers and teams to improve their thinking and actions.

The Thinking Action System is an ideal coaching tool for use in the following applications:

  • Group coaching in relation to problem solving, strategy formulation and action plans
  • Strategic "think tanks"
  • Individual coaching and mentoring
  • Executive Coaching
  • Leadership and management development
  • Team coaching
  • Action Learning Projects

Action Learning Coaching

Action learning is a proven experiential learning process that contributes to leader development primarily by generating questions that lead to insight, understanding, and innovation, and by engaging in self-reflection, self-monitoring, and self-directed efforts to learn about one's self and enhance contributions to the team and the organisation's learning process.

Gaining practical experience in Action Learning will hone your questioning skills and enable you as a leader to generate questions that lead to insight, understanding, and innovation which will enable you to operate effectively as a leader in a digital age. Action Learning will heighten your leadership skills by engaging in deep self-reflection, self-monitoring, and taking ownership for your own self-directed learning, making you a more efficient leader, able to cope with disruptive change.

2. Marketing

Marketing Audits

A marketing audit is a comprehensive, systematic, and independent examination of an organisation's current situation in relation to the achievement of its vision, mission, business and marketing objectives.

It includes an analysis of the organisation's current and future marketing-related challenges and opportunities in order to determine the organisation's level of future fitness and identifies requirements for improving business and marketing performance.

3. Marketing Research

Brainspade Online Research Tool

Brainspade is an online, qualitative research tool that uses metaphor elicitation to better understand people's thoughts and feelings relating to their goals, needs, desires, and values about a particular topic. Brainspade provides considerable insight into people and why they behave as they do.

95% of thinking takes place at a subconscious level – memories, emotions, thoughts, and other cognitive processes we are not aware of or that we cannot articulate. These unconscious forces of ever-changing memories, metaphors, images, sensations, and stories all interact with one another in complex ways to shape consumers' decisions and behaviour.

What does Brainspade do?

  • Identifies the unconscious forces of ever-changing memories, metaphors, images, sentiment, moods, sensations and stories that interact with one another to drive consumers' decisions and behaviours
  • Groups data into "themes" relating to unconscious thoughts, feelings, emotions, attitudes, personal, uninhibited views of people in relation to an "object" (brand, person, issue, topic, etc.).
  • Utilises sentiment analysis to measure satisfaction, importance drivers, that will assist in identifying likely future behaviour